Sunday, January 3, 2016

All Souls' Church, Cameron Highlands (1958)

Located in Taman Sedia, Tanah Rata, the plateau's little Church of England was once known by the early members of its congregation as The Cameron Highlands Church.

During the 1950s till 1960s, church services were conducted at the Cameron Highlands Hotel ( now Cameron Highlands Resort ), Slim School ( now Slim Army Camp ), or Eastern Hotel ( now Century Pine Resort ).  

In 1958, Miss Anne L.P. Griffith-Jones, OBE (1890–1973) donated a site adjoining the Slim School to the Anglican Church.

The construction of the church commenced in early 1958. The British Army provided a dismantled Nissen hut and donated $1,000 towards the total erection costs of $4,643.

The church was completed in September 1958 and, except for some minor renovations, remains essentially unchanged to this day.

The name ‘All Souls’ Church’ was given at its consecration on Thursday, 30 April 1959 by the Right Rev. Bishop H.W. Baines, Bishop of Singapore and Malaya to commemorate the soldiers who died in the two World Wars.

The church, under the direction of the Missionary District of South Perak, was initially ministered to by chaplains of the British Armed Forces and expatriate clergy from the Overseas Missionary Fellowship (OMF) seconded to the Diocese of West Malaysia.  Later it became a part of the Parish of South Perak and in 1986 it became a part of the Parish of Batang Padang, Tapah, Perak.  On 30 August 1998, All Souls’ Church was inaugurated as a Missionary District.

"To the Glory of God
this church is erected by the British Army
and civilian communities
for Christian worship in Cameron Highlands”